Measuring Microscope

Shop Microscope ROM-100

Shop Microscope ROM-100
Reticle Dual scale reticle graduated in inches and millimeters. The eyepiece reticle can be rotated through 360°.
Focussing Rack and pinion focussing.
Illumination Battery operated pen light illuminator.
Model ROM-40 ROM-60  ROM-100 
Magnification  40X 60X  100X 
Field of view  4.25 mm  3.25 mm 1.7 mm
Least Count 0.02 mm 0.001" 0.02 mm 0.001" 0.02 mm 0.001"
Working Distance 24 mm  24 mm  6.4 mm

This is also available in L.E.D. light

Travelling Microscope

Travelling Microscope RVM-201

Travelling Microscope RVM-202

Travelling Microscope RVM-203

Travelling Microscope RVM-204
TRAVELLING MICROSCOPES are designed to meet the requirements of Research, Colleges, Schools and Industrial laboratories. They are used for accurate measurement of the diameters of different objects. They are also used in Physics Laboratories for more accurate determination of small variation in the liquid levels, Manometers, the refractive index of liquids as well as in surface tension & viscosity experiments.

The travelling microscope consists of a cast iron base with machined vee-top surface and is fitted with three levelling screws, one being fixed the microscopes can travel Horizontally 22 cm. and vertically 15 cms. with the help of slides. Two slow motion knobs are provided for taking accurate readings. Vernier readings 0.01 mm. or 0.02 mm. Microscope tube consists of eyepiece 10x with 15 mm. or 75 mm. Objective . For placing objects on horizontal stage, made of milky cenolite sheet is provided on the base.
Having movement horizontally and vertically with stainless steel and vernier reading to 0.01 mm.
Technical specifications are same as above but fitted with Micrometer head controlling the movements
  Linear microscope is a light instrument designed for use in School and College Laboratories for demonstration and measuring purpose. Microscope travel 17 cm. divided in half millimeter vernier constant 0.02 mm. or 0.01 mm. Complete in wooden box.
  Three axes measurement:- Horizontal, vertical and right angled transverse motion, rack and pinion mechanism Micrometer with resolution 10 micron or better ballslide mounted microscope for vertical movement on 15cm scale length
Objective:- Achromatic FL 50 mm. (approx)
Eye piece:- 10x with cross hair Horizontal
Movement:- 15cm coarse and fine. 25mm with LC10 micron.
Vertical movement:- 15cm coarse and fine movement of 25mm with LC 10 micrometer.
Z direction movement :- 25mm with 10 micrometer LC