Micro Slide Projector

Microslide Projector RP-88

The structure of Microscopic specimens become visible to naked eyes by taking the projection on the screen. Recommended for Educational purposes, in evry day laboratory routine and during demonstration to small number of viewer. Compact microslide projector for wall/screen projection of permanetly mounted slides. It is equipped with alight intensity of 24v-150w helogen bulb & turbo cooling fan. The microscope is compact in design having triple revolving nosepiece, stage size 115mmx115mmwith stage clips , separate coarse & fine focussing knob on both side. Three magnifications of 100x, 200x and 300x are provided at a distance of three meters, for best result the distance between project & screen should be kept tow to three meters. Supplied complete in a cardboard box with oprating instruction manul etc.
Micro Slide Projector RP-88

Salient Features:-
Magnification 100x, 200x and 300x
Focussing Coarse & Fine Motion Knobs on both sides.
Projection Head 360° Rotatable.
Light Source 24V-150W (220V/110V).
Cooling Fan cooled.

Microslide Projector (Triple Purpose) RP-55

Microslide Projector
It is compact in size, light in weight and easy to carry around. Self contained portable triple purpose micro slide projector for horizontal projection of permanently mounted specimens on wall, screen . The micro slide projector can be kept vertically also on the table surface for making drawings and for projection of living specimens in liquid on the wall screen. Equipped with a special 6 volts 20 watts Halogen bulb. Specimen stage 4" x 4" and an imported objective system for better resolution and brilliant projection. Supplied complete in cardboard box with vinyl cover, duster, variable transformer, spare bulb and instruction manual.